Public Policy Advocacy & Legislative Action Center

One of the most important initiatives performed by the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is to proactively protect private property rights and the ability of our members to successfully conduct their business. Working in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® on federal issues and local associations on regional and municipal issues, MAR has a long history of providing legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of our members.
REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill

Each spring, all members are encouraged to attend this once-a-year gathering of REALTORS® from across the state to the Massachusetts State House. In this collective forum, REALTORS®, as a group, voice industry views on legislation and regulations affecting property rights and the practice of real estate. At this event, you have an opportunity to provide briefings on current pertinent legislation to lawmakers and often meet face-to-face with your legislators to relay the association’s position.

Private Property Protection Fund

MAR’s Private Property Protection Fund (PPPF) helps finance ballot question support, legal advocacy, and public awareness campaigns that the association conducts or supports in order to advocate the REALTOR® position on important public policy matters. Each year a portion of your state REALTOR® dues typically goes directly into the PPPF, and REALTOR® offices also may make corporate contributions to the Fund. These resources have been used to successfully challenge local transfer tax campaigns, pay legal bills to oppose regulations that would allow telecommunications companies to run lines into privately-owned buildings without the landlord’s consent, and defend our REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

Massachusetts REALTORS® Political Action Committee

An integral component to MAR’s government affairs efforts is financial support for elected public officials who support public policy favorable to the real estate industry. Through the Massachusetts REALTORS® Political Action Committee (MassRPAC), members may contribute funds to be used in support of statewide candidate elections. Thirty percent of every contribution is sent to the National Association of REALTORS® for use in federal campaigns. Your contribution ultimately plays an essential part in improving MAR’s influence in the political arena.