Legal Hotline & Legal Services

To increase professionalism and limit your risk to liability in the field, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® provides a number of legal services for the benefit of our members. Among the most popular of all MAR’s services is the Legal Hotline, which provides direct, toll-free access to a qualified staff attorney who can provide information on real estate law and related regulatory and ethical matters. In addition, to assist you in working with clients and customers, the MAR Legal Department has prepared numerous Legal Issues Briefing Papers on pertinent topics and frequently reports on relevant state and local Court decisions that affect the practice of real estate.

Legal Hotline

The MAR Legal Hot Line is open each weekday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., to authorized members who may contact the association’s attorneys with questions on over 50 permissible legal issues, including:
 * Agency  * Disclosures  * Lead Paint
 * Anti-Trust
 * Environmental Law
    (Title 5)
 * Misrepresentation
 * Closing  * Fair Housing  * Offers
 * Commissions
 * Landlord-Tenant
 * Referrals/Referral

While access to the Legal Hot Line is restricted to office principals, branch managers and their designees, any member may have a question forwarded to staff counsel through an authorized REALTOR® within their firm. To gain authorization, members must sign a memorandum of understanding with MAR prior to their first use of the Legal Hot Line. Copies of the agreement are available from the MAR Legal Department or via the Legal section of the MAR's web site. Once you have received authorization to use the Legal Hot Line, you may call the service directly at 1-800-370-5342.

Authorized Hot Line users also have the option of e-mailing legal questions to the MAR Legal Department at It is important to understand that even though free legal consultation is available from the MAR staff attorneys regarding interpretation of law, no attorney-client relationship is intended or implied as a result of contact.

Notably, some of the more commonly addressed topics from the Legal Hot Line have been summarized in a series of Legal Issues Briefing Papers compiled by the state association’s Legal Department. The briefing papers include a written synopsis of relevant law, answers to commonly asked questions about each issue, and other important considerations for agents/brokers. Some of the subjects covered by the Legal Issues Briefing Papers are deeds, escrow disputes, gifts, probate, radon, security deposits, RESPA and the Wetlands Protection Act.