How to Join the REALTOR® Association

As a REALTOR®, you hold joint membership in a local REALTORS® association, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), and voluntarily agree to abide by the organization’s strict code of ethics. Membership in the association must be initiated by the owner of the real estate office, and individual agents cannot join the association unless their managing broker is also a member. Through an open membership policy known as Board of Choice you may apply for membership through any one of the 16 local REALTORS® associations in Massachusetts, regardless of geographic location. Broker-owners may join multiple local associations which also gives agents in their office the ability to join any board to which the broker-owner is a member.
To find a local associations near you please refer to our list of local REALTOR® Associations which includes contact information and website links. Annual dues are paid directly to the local association, and include $161 ($151 + $10 Private Property Protection Fund Assessment) for state REALTOR® membership (pro-rated monthly), and $120 for NAR membership (also pro-rated monthly), plus a $35 special assessment for the REALTOR® image advertising campaign. Membership dues at the local level vary by association, so refer to the list of local REALTOR® Associations and contact a local board for more information.
Upon acceptance into the organization, you have the opportunity to attend membership meetings on the local level and participate in numerous professional development programs and networking activities on the state and national levels. At the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, we’re dedicated to promoting your business and career goals, and offer numerous programs and services designed to help real estate professionals prosper, both financially and intellectually. Our primary membership benefits include toll-free Legal Hotline, standardized forms software, professional development training programs, industry news and publications, as well as housing market and industry research data which will keep you current on relevant issues and trends. For a more comprehensive overview of MAR programs and services or to view our primary member services.