Member Advocacy

Download the Realtor® Action Center Mobile App!

Vote, Act, and Invest on the go! This app is designed to help members learn about the latest government affairs and advocacy news and issues, track Federal Calls for Action and CFA participation rates, allow for a quick and efficient way to invest in RPAC, and provide a way to track REALTOR® Party activities.  The new mobile action alert format will make your participation a snap. No forms to ll out. Shorter, easier summaries of the issue and why your action is important.

The REALTOR® Action Center mobile app is now available for download for the iPhone and DROID. Simply search for NAR Action Center in your app market or text Realtor to 30644 to receive a link to download the app right to your smartphone. Download, log in, and get involved!

Learn more about the REALTOR® Action Center Mobile App by clicking here

Broker Involvement Program
Massachusetts REALTORS® engage in advocacy on the federal level.  This was exhibited with MAR’s promotion of the homebuyer tax credit and Massachusetts REALTORS® helping to convince Congress to extend the tax credit.  The Broker Involvement Program provides Brokers and their firms a voice on Capitol Hill so MAR can continue to promote issues that directly affect REALTORS®. This dynamic program provides you, the broker-owner, with a quick and effective tool to rally your agents on critical legislative issues affecting our industry. Brokers can get involved  by signing up for the Broker Involvement Program, which just takes a few minutes to join.  You can see the list of Brokers already participating in Massachusetts, here

Below are some of the benefits of being in the Broker Involvement Program

  • Call for Action emails that are sent from members to their Senators and Representatives in Congress on important votes that affect REALTORS®
  • Ability to quickly rally your agents on critical legislative issues affecting your industry
  • Online participation reports showing the effectiveness of your brokerage and broker Calls for Action
  • Annual NAR Real Estate Broker Conference
Federal Political Coordinators
Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs) are the MAR members who are the key contacts for each member of Congress and the Senate in the Massachusetts delegation. The FPCs have a variety of duties and responsibilities that put them in close contact with Congressional Representatives and Senators, enabling the REALTOR® voice to be heard on Capitol Hill. Below is a summary of the FPCs duties that consist in working with the legislators, managing events, the coalition of FPCs, and communicating with the state and national associations. To see a list of MAR's Federal Political Coordinators, click here!