Federal Political Coordinators

The FPC Program aligns REALTOR® constituents with Congressional Candidates to develop relationships and promote the issues affecting real estate and private property. In addition to being assigned to a member of Congress, FPCs respond to NAR Calls for Action, advocate on behalf of all REALTORS®, and deliver contributions to candidates. Overall, the FPC is the direct link between the associations and the member of Congress.

Massachusetts Delegation and Federal Political Coordinators

1st Congressional District
Congressman Richard Neal
FPC: Kevin Sears
Senior Senator
Senator Elizabeth Warren
FPC: David Wluka
2nd Congressional District
Congressman James McGovern
FPC: Brad Roberts
Junior Senator
Senator Ed Markey
FPC: Susan Renfrew
3rd Congressional District
Congresswoman Niki Tsongas
FPC: Michael Sullivan
4th Congressional District
Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, III
FPC: Paul Yorkis
5th Congressional District
Congresswoman Katherine Clark
FPC: Judy Moore
6th Congressional District
Congressman Seth Moulton
FPC: Eileen Jonah-Daly
7th Congressional District
Congressman Michael Capuano
FPC: Jesse MacDonald
8th Congressional District
Congressman Stephen Lynch
FPC: Kimberly Allard-Moccia
9th Congressional District
Congressman William Keating
FPC: Rita Coffey

FPC Duties and Responsibilities

Respond to Calls for Action
FPCs are required respond to all Calls for Action they receive from NAR and even those from MAR. When Congress is considering legislation that affects the real estate industry, NAR and MAR call on their members to act. Simply by contacting your Member of Congress or State Legislature through an e-mail or a phone call, you can ensure that your business remains strong. NAR members join together and speak with one loud, powerful voice. FPCs lead by example by participating in all Calls for Action; one of their central duties as the key communicator to the Member of Congress.

Advocate on behalf of all REALTORS® and the REALTOR® Party
The REALTOR® Party is the non-partisan approach to advocating for issues that benefit and are of value to all REALTORS®. FPCs must stick to the issues that affect the REALTOR® Party, remaining neutral and removing personal biases.

Contact assigned Member of Congress and file quarterly Field Reports
FPCs are required to have a minimum of four personal contacts with their Member of Congress or the Member's key staff. These interactions can be varied from meetings to say hello or discuss issues, to delivery of RPAC checks. FPCs should be prepared to communicate often with their Member of Congress especially regarding key issues to the REALTOR® Party.

After each interaction or meeting with a Member of Congress or key staff person, FPCs are required to file a Field Report. These Field Reports serve to alert NAR lobbyists, policy, and RPAC Staff as well as the State Government Affairs Staff if follow-up with the member may be required. FPCs are required to file a Field Report each quarter regardless of interaction.More information on Field Reports is available here.

Participate in Training
New FPCs and veteran FPCs alike must participate in training. Training is offered in-person or online. Newly appointed FPCs attend a training in Washington D.C. at the beginning of the year to learn what it means to be an FPC. Additionally, FPCs serving on special committees attend a similar training in D.C. Issue education occurs at all of these training modules and is integral to understanding your job as an FPC.

Deliver RPAC Contributions
RPAC contributions for Senators and Representatives must be delivered in a timely manner. FPCs are allocated In-State funds annually as well as additional funds during election cycles or as seen fit by NAR RPAC Trustees. FPCs are the point of contact delivering a powerful lobbying tool that helps develop a relationship between the Massachusetts delegation and the REALTOR® Party.

Attend Mid-Year Meeting
REALTORS® take Capitol Hill! At the annual D.C. meetings in May, FPCs are required to attend legislative events and meet with their Member of Congress. This expo on Capitol Hill provides FPCs an opportunity to present issues directly to their Member of Congress as well as attend of meetings with the MA delegation and get other REALTORS® involved in the issues. More information on the annual event is available here.

Develop a Team
Each FPC should identify REALTORS® in their congressional district that can help with their duties. From attending meetings to delivering checks and simply providing relevant anecdotes from their hometown, FPC Team Members are a valuable resource for an FPC. FPC team members must be passionate about the issues affecting the REALTOR® Party as well as practical experience that connects them to the issues. Advice on how to build a successful FPC Team is available here