What is REALTOR® Political Action?
The Massachusetts REALTOR® Political Action Committee (MA RPAC) is a grassroots political network of REALTORS®who raise campaign contributions for pro-REALTOR®candidates, mobilize REALTOR® voters, and promote critical legislative and regulatory issues affecting the real estate industry. As one of the leading PACs in the state, MA RPAC enables the REALTOR® voice to be heard on Beacon Hill.To find out how you can make a difference at city hall or the state house, click HERE.


RPAC Major Investors

More than one third of the funds the National Association receives annually come from Major Investors-those REALTORS® who invest $1000 or more annually to ensure that REALTOR® friendly legislation and policy is supported. Major Investors are the advocates and political leaders that make up the backbone of RPAC. 

The Massachusetts REALTOR® Independent Expenditures Political Action Committee enables the REALTOR® community to invest in supporting a candidate that promotes and supports public policies which advance the real estate industry, private property rights, sustainable real property ownership and housing opportunities. MA RIEPAC goes along with effective lobbying, MA RPAC, member Calls for Action, coalition-building and public engagement, a to help MAR and REALTORS® accomplish this goal.


"If Real Estate is our profession then politics is our business."